Bibliography of Burma Studies

About the Bibliography

Welcome to Tea Circle’s open source bibliographies of publications on Myanmar by women and Myanmar scholars. We hope that you will find this useful in expanding your range of sources written by scholars who are under-recognized in Myanmar scholarship. (You can read Jenny Hedström’s post about the bibliographies here.)

It is our goal that Tea Circle‘s Bibliography of Burma Studies will complement the existing bibliographies on Myanmar/Burma. Our open source bibliography for Burma Studies is preceded by Michael Charney’s Living Bibliography of Burma Studies and Andrew Selth’s bibliography on publications on Myanmar/Burma since 1988. Both bibliographies have paid considerable detail to providing a comprehensive list of publications on Myanmar/Burma.


We also invite you to contribute relevant citations (books, journal articles and research reports only), but please ensure you check either of the following lists below to ensure that the citation is not already there. 

If you are interested in contributing a new citation to Tea Circle’s bibliography, new entries can be added via our submissions form here.

In order to make this resource more user-friendly, please check to make sure your submission is complete and accurate, and add in keywords, including the DOI or ISBN where possible. Since our intention is to be inclusive, we interpret the category of women broadly to include any scholar identifying as a woman, and the category of Myanmar scholar to include anyone who identifies as having Burma/Myanmar heritage, regardless of ethnicity, nationality or place of birth.

Downloading or Exporting the Bibliography

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