Update to Submissions Policy

We intend for Tea Circle to be a platform for debate and discussion and we also hope that our posts spark conversations off-site as well. While the blog is hosted by the Programme on Modern Burmese Studies at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, we have been keen to make it a place for both scholarly and non-scholarly contributions. We also try to distinguish between posts that are based on research or fieldwork and those that express an individual’s opinion.

In seeking to avoid the anonymous vitriol and ad hominem attacks that characterise most comment threads online, we do not have comments enabled on the site. However, we strongly encourage readers who have a strong reaction to a piece (positive, negative or somewhere in between) to submit posts in response. It is our firm belief that allowing for a mix of contributions helps to provide a platform for sharing a range of views on different topics related to Myanmar, from a multitude of perspectives.

In adopting this approach, it will also be the case that, as indicated on our site, we will publish controversial or unpopular perspectives, including opinions that members of our editorial team strongly disagree with. Our editors carefully consider the guidelines in our policy and while we do our best to avoid publishing anything that is abusive, libellous or insulting to individuals, we recognise that some readers will find some of our content distasteful or objectionable.

Having clarified this policy, we also believe that our standard for evaluation and inclusion of different perspectives on the site is itself a potential topic for debate and discussion. Just as we welcome continued submissions in response to any of our posts, we would also be happy to consider submissions that critically reflect on Tea Circle’s stated mission as a platform.

We look forward to continuing to receive and publish pieces on a wide range of subjects related to Myanmar.

The Tea Circle Editorial Team

August 2017